The Only Way Is Up


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Iman's League 4th Album - The Only Way Is Up.


released August 12, 2017

All songs and lyrics written by Nuriman Mohd Nor
Arranged by Ishyam Lal and Hosni Altway
Produced by Ishyam Lal
Recorded and performed by: Iman’s League
Engineered by: Khai (Beb
Mastered by: Jason Livermore (The Blasting Room)
Album cover by: Nurikhwan Sahri



all rights reserved



Iman's league was formed in 2007 as a one man acoustic band that became a 3 pc in 2011. Playing music that is a cross between NOFX, no use for a name and the japanese anime punk rock of Dustbox and total fat. They had released 2 EPs, 1 limited edition tour album and had toured Malaysia, indonesia , Japan & Korea. ... more

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Track Name: To Infinity And Beyond
Stick around and listen to this,
This ain’t something you’d wanna miss,
After all that’s been said and done,
We’re still here, still rocking on,

Load up our gears and start up the van,
For when the music starts,
We don't want it to end,
Raise your fist and we want you to sing along,

Get up,
Get up on your feet,
Move on,
Move on to the beat

The time is now for us to get together for,
We are one and we are the same
We are one and we are the same
We are one and we are the same
Track Name: Perfect Dad
Perfect Dad: Iman's League

As we move on to a new day,

Sometimes we tend to forget how it used to be
And we struggle but we move along

When we look back to the memories
It seems so easy to get thru those days
Maybe, we were more carefree and happy

If I could turn back time ,
I would rather make it easy.

I would never figure out the answers now

I would never know what’s right
or what I am really doing
All I wanna do is to make the best of this

Pardon me this time ,
I will make the change
I will try to be the best man that I can

All for the little one, I hope 
I'll be the perfect dad
Track Name: Piece Of Mind
Piece Of Mind

Every time I turn around
There’s so much I can see
You got it all messed up
You don’t know what to be

We took the blame and we
gave up everything
For the good of this
You're never meant to be

It’s all better now, when you decide(d)
To leave this all behind

It’s all over now and we can see
How much this meant to you
You were the one who walked away
It was never hard for you

We're going our way

No matter what you say

Nothing can stop us now

We're gonna give it all we’ve got!

Without you, we are doing just fine

Don’t you worry ,
We don’t need your piece of mind
Track Name: No Way Out
We took our chances
And now it's turning
Like another job

The same old routine
That we’ll be doing
For years and years to come

We talked about it
Bitch about it
But nothing ever change
Seems like we destined to be just the same

No Way Out

I say now Hey! Never regret it
Hey! Never forget it
There is more to life, and you're missing out
There is no way to turn back

Maybe now is the time, for you to ask yourself
There’s more to this life than you see it thru
Be kind to yourself, don’t let it just fade away

Never regret it x 3
Never regret it ( No way out ) x 3

Maybe now is the time ,
for you to ask yourself
There’s more to this life ,
why don’t you ask yourself
Track Name: Letting Go
End of the road for us,
Can you see it now,
We were never meant to be

Left everything behind
Those faded memories
There's no one to blame but you and me

Nothing will ever change this time
You can never be the one
Who'll spent my life with me

Took the blame,
for everything that you did
Cause you will never change
Made up my mind,
I won't look back again
I’m letting you go

Forgive me,
I can never be like you
No matter what you do
Nothing will change the way I think of you
I'm letting you go
Track Name: Half Right
No lyrics
Track Name: Knock It Down
We won't give up ,
Withstand the test of time
Nothing's gonna stop us now
We look ahead to find the better things in life

We wont give in ,
No matter what you think
Your common mentality
We'll look ahead and never turning back again
Maybe someday

We'll take our time to figure out
What is wrong and what is right
It took so long for us to understand
There's no one here to be blamed
We are sick of all the games
You used to play
It's not the same like how it was before
Track Name: Rescue Me
Sick and tir-ed, of all these questions
its taking over all my emotions
Getting numb and old before my time is up

Anyone? can you tell me ,
What's the po-oint of me having , all these times
Yet i can't see the signs

here i am being myself ,
taking time from everything else
but no one seems to understand what i'm going through

If only you could saunter in my shoes
Taste the tide and pains of my plight for just a day
Perhaps you'll understand

i’m not the type who wanted you,
to always have me at your every sight
i’m capable to be ,
Who I really am inside

Save me now from everyone ,
who refuses to see me try ,
I'm not a burden to anyone
When i can be myself

Stop yourself from trying too hard
To show the world what a saint you are
you are not my saviour now
b'coz i can think for myself
Track Name: Starting Over
It’s gonna take a while,
To get over this ,
Cause it's about your heart
You gave it all yet disappointed
And now you’ve figured out,
This was not what was meant to be

Now's the time, you got to leave it all
Take back your life, that you've been missing
Don’t be afraid to start all over again

Stay true to yourself
Don’t let anyone change you
Cause you are what you are
This is something you cant take away
And now you figured out,
This was not what was meant to be

Now's the time you got to leave it all
Take back your life
that you've been missing
Don’t be afraid to start over again

Spread your wings and learn to fly
The sky has no limit to try
When you're at the top, don’t you ever forget
You can fall anytime from there

Get over from this,
nothing can change reality
You got to move on,
there’s so much we're fighting for
If you refuse to move,
nothing will ever change
You got to be strong, you got to be strong